Quality is our most important product.

Casselman Global Enterprises was founded early in the 1900’s originally as Don Casselman Ltd and later as Don Casselman and Son Ltd. In 2002 we became part of the Acetex Enterprise Organization and our name changed to Casselman Global Enterprises.

While we are located in Southern Ontario we can through our affiliation with Acetex Enterprises offer service from 5  different North American shipping locations.

We are a tier one supplier to all the Automotive Manufacturers in North America and have received awards most recently from Toyota for quality and performance.

We manufacture and private label our tack cloth for the retail market and invite inquiries from interested parties.

At Casselman we process and package on average over 50,000 lb of textiles a day and that does not take into account our sales of manufactured paper disposables, our tack cloth and surface prep materials, absorbents and secondary containment items.

When presented with a unique wiping need we make use of our organization’s 110 years collective experience and our dedicated staff of sales and technical representatives to assist you with the correct product selections.