New Mill End materials especially selected for softness and absorbency. When required, some fabrics are bleached to increase absorbency, and specially treated to provide a neutral pH and checked as to be free of extraneous materials.

Don Casselman brand Polishing Cloths are ideal for general and special cleaning applications in every area. When ordering please specify packaging requirements.*

*PACKED IN 5 LB, 10 LB, 25 LB, AND 50 LB. NET WEIGHT CASES (2.3 KG, 4.6 KG, 11.3 KG, AND 22.7 KG).

Now available: the latest in metal detection equipment. For those clients needing certification  of electronic inspection for foreign metal objects.

Metal detection available upon request.


#182 Diaper Material

Best grade used old diaper material thoroughly washed.

#193 New White Flannel

Approximate yard pieces. New white pieces of flannel, used for polishing and dusting.

#195 New Bleached White Balbriggan

Approximate yard pieces. New Jersey-type material.

#197 New Natural Colour Balbriggan

Approximate yard pieces. Poly cotton blend, natural colour.

#207 New Coloured Balbriggan

Approximate yard pieces. Same as New Natural Colour Balbriggan, but coloured.


#212-3 New White Fleece

Soft, ideal for polishing.

#167 Soft Polishing Cloths

Number 1 grade soft polishing material made from new remnants and processed. Used for polishing furniture, appliances, automobiles, etc.

  • Processed polishing cloths

#169 Muslin Polishing Cloths

Slightly heavier material than #167 Soft Polishing Cloths.

  • Processed polishing cloths

#171 Krinkled Dusters

Slightly heavier and tighter weave than Muslin polishing cloth.

  • Processed polishing cloths

#177 Bleached Sheeting

Approximate yard pieces, sheeting material.

  • Processed polishing cloths

#178 Coloured Sheeting

Approximate yard pieces, coloured sheeting material.

  • Processed polishing cloths

#2005 Double Napped White Flannel

About 500 meters or 541 square yards per bale. This material is not Lint Free, however it is new material and excellent for polishing.

  • Processed polishing cloths


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