Full range for every use. From personal wiping needs to a full range of industrial and commercial applications (foundries, mines, steel mills, automotive electronics, foods, pharmaceuticals, etc.), we offer a large variety of disposable Wiping Cloths.

Whatever your requirements are, there is a custom grade and size of wiper available from 1 lb. rolls to 500 lb. bales. When ordering please specify packaging requirements.*


*PACKED IN 5 LB, 10 LB, 25 LB, AND 50 LB. NET WEIGHT CASES (2.3 KG, 4.6 KG, 11.3 KG, AND 22.7 KG).

Now available: the latest in metal detection equipment. For those clients needing certification of electronic inspection for foreign metal objects.

Metal detection available upon request. 


#100 Select White Wipers

Extra large pieces of #1 white wiping cloths

#101 #1 White Wipers

Top grade white wiping cloths mainly used in the food processing industry.

#104 Light Coloured Wipers

Good size pieces of light coloured, lightweight material for industrial wiping use.

#106 Medium Coloured Wipers

Good size pieces of darker coloured, lightweight material used for industrial wiping.

#110 Denim Coloured Wipers

Good size pieces of heavyweight, dark coloured material.

#111 Industrial Coloured Wipers

Heavy and medium weight coloured material.

#113 Coloured Polo T-Shirt Wipers

Jersey material, random sizes.

#116 Lightweight Select Polo T-Shirt Wipers

Small white pieces of white polo t-shirt with some colour.

#117 Terry Cloth Material

Material similar to Terry Bath Toweling.

#119 Flannel Select Wipers

Soft flannel material, lightweight, large sizes used for dusting.

#123 Western Fleecy Wipers

Medium-sized pieces of soft Jersey-like materials.

#135 Green Hospital Sheeting

Coloured large pieces of sheeting material.

#136 X Select Fleecy

Soft and thick old track suit material.

#140 Coloured Thermal

Large pieces of coloured thermal.

#148 Huck Towels

Washed coloured highly absorbent all cotton wiping material. Less lint than other rag type wipers.


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