Webril® Wipes and Pads

WEBRIL® nonwoven material is a unique, high quality fabric manufactured by BBA Nonwoven for the Graphic Arts Industry. Our exclusive felting process produces 100% pure cotton products. No binders or chemicals are present. WEBRIL® products will not react or contaminate developing solutions or chemicals commonly used in the printing industry. The interlocked fibers won’t come apart, even when soaked in water or solvents. WEBRIL® products will not scratch the most delicate coatings or surfaces. It is this process which insures the soft, pure and highly absorbent qualities for which WEBRIL® wipes and pads have been known and trusted for many years.

Webril® handi-pads:

These familiar 4″ x 4″ pads have been an industry standard for years, and for good reason. They have all the properties WEBRIL® material is known for in a size convenient for many small press and plate making operations. Also great in the camera room and stripping areas.

Webril® wipes

These larger 8″ x 8″ wipes are just right for bigger jobs. The same high quality WEBRIL® material but on a perforated roll. The handy wall dispenser makes these popular wipes convenient without taking up scarce shelf or table space.

Webril® litho pads

A 4″ x 8″ pad on a perforated roll. WEBRIL® Litho-Pads provide a smaller alternative to WEBRIL® Wipes. Convenient dispenser box allows for dust resistant storage.

Webril® APPLi-pads

A denser WEBRIL® fabric insures even greater absorbency. When used with an Appli-Pad applicator, coating and developing solutions spread evenly and smoothly without skips or streaks. Hands stay clean while applying a controlled coating. In a convenient dispenser box.

Webril® Proof-Pads

The most absorbent WEBRIL® product made. Designed for developing positve and negative 3M brand “Colour-key” and “Transfer-key” proofing materials. Use with Proof-Pad Developing Block for proper cushion and pressure on the proof. Uniform surface provides just the right texture for perfect dot reproduction. Also in a convenient dispenser box.